2016 schedule

Fri 25th 08:50-17:00
Theatre 106

VSS Symposium 4

Whether you’re an active variable star observer and researcher, or considering getting involved in variable star work, or just curious about this rich and important field, you are warmly invited to attend and contribute.

Time          Topic Presenter
8:50 AM Welcome Mark Blackford
9:00 AM Past, present and future for the EA binaries project Margaret Streamer
9:30 AM Light Element Determinations - Lessons Learned from "Revised Light Elements of 78 Southern Eclipsing Binary Systems" Paper Jeff Byron
10:00 AM The Visual Observation of some interesting Long Period Variable Stars Andrew Pearce
11:00 AM Poster Presenters Session Chair
11:10 AM Photometry and astrophysical modelling of the Eclipsing Binaries V0626 Sco and V0775 Cen David Moriarty
11:35 AM Photometry and astrophysical modelling of the Eclipsing Binary BC Gruis David Moriarty
12:00 PM Long-term oscillations in the orbital period of RR Cen: third body or Applegate effect? Jonathan Powles
12:30 PM LUNCH  
1:30 PM Plumbing the Depths - The problems of measuring eclipse minima Tom Richards
2:00 PM Video Method for Observing Eclipsing Binaries Hristo Pavlov
2:30 PM An improved method for correcting atmospheric extinction Murray Forbes
3:30 PM Deciphering the Enigma of QZ Car Ed Budding (with help from Stan Walker, Mark Blackford and Roger Butland)
4:00 PM Some Stars Do & Some Stars Don’t – Reflections on 45 Years of Variable Star Observing Peter Williams
4:30 PM General Discussion Stan Walker