2016 schedule

Fri 09:00-09:30
Theatre 106

Past, present and future for the EA binaries project

Margaret Streamer (and David Moriarty)


Margaret will present a summary of the work achieved and published to date. This includes two papers published by the JAAVSO, with a third paper in preparation. Few new data sets on any targets are now being received. However, both David Moriarty and Margaret Streamer are collecting data in several band passes over the full orbital cycle for specific targets. These data will lead to preliminary astrophysical modelling of the systems. However, for precise mass determination, orbital radial velocity measurements are needed. These can be determined from spectroscopy and given the magnitude range of project targets, telescopes larger than a typical amateur telescope are required. To this end, I have collaborated with two professional astronomers (at the Australian National University and University of Sydney) to obtain spectral data for TT Horologii, a binary with a delta Scuti component, using the ANU 2.3m telescope at Siding Springs. The future for the EA binaries project is very sound. 1) There remains plenty of opportunity for beginners to be involved with the many targets for which we still have very little data. 2) For the more adventurous, there are plenty of targets waiting to have preliminary models determined. 3) Hopefully, I shall continue my partnership with the professional astronomers to enable future access to the big telescopes so that the precise astrophysical properties of the systems can be determined.