2016 Programme Committee

The NACAA Programme Committee is responsible for the coordination of the technical content of the convention, and providing support to all presenters and contributors.

The 2016 Programme Committee consisted of the following members:

David O'Driscoll David O'Driscoll (Chair) Variable Stars, Robotic Observing and Data Management
Mark Blackford Mark Blackford DSLR photometry, eclipsing binary stars, Cepheid variables
Mark joined the Astronomical Society of NSW in 1980 and has enjoyed visual observing for 45 years. In recent years he has been actively involved in developing and promoting DSLR photometry as an economical means of making scientifically useful contributions to the study of variable stars. Mark has been an active member of both Variable Stars South and AAVSO since 2011.
Diane Hughes Diane Hughes
A hopeless astronomer who is much more a morning person than an evening person. A member of the organising committee for Queensland Astrofest. Attended my first NACAA in Brisbane 1996. Proud new owner of SDM#30. Remembers the moon landings, Comet Halley, Aurora Australis from Christchurch 1987, Leonid meteor shower 2001 from Mount Isa, 2002 and 2012 total solar eclipses, 2013 total annular eclipse and both Venus transits.
Ray Johnson Ray Johnston Astrotourism
Ray is a grizzled veteran presenter at NACAA and is also an invited cruise lecturer with Cunard and Princess lines He operated the Great Barrier Reef Observatory on Hamilton Island for 18 years and also, a mobile planetarium service to schools. Ray and his wife now live in the Wide Bay area of Queensland and they continue to travel to many parts of the world recording local sky stories as Ray has a keen interest in archeo, indigenous and Aboriginal astronomy.
  Steve Kerr Occultations
Peter Lowe Peter Lowe Outreach, variable stars, occultations
Peter is currently the President of the Monington Peninsula Astronomical Society (MPAS). He is one of the founding members of the Astronomical Society of Frankston founded in 1969, later renamed as the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society (MPAS). Peter's astronomical interests started in the early 1960's under the tutelage of his father, a naval navigator. He soon became a member of the ASV and was taken under the wing of ASV member and past President Bruce Tregaskis (dec) who introduced him to the excitement of amateur science, in particular variable star observing, auroral studies, and learning by projects. He takes great pleasure in outreach astronomy, and has been involved in the organisation of three NACAA and two VASTROC events. Currently trying to come to grips with recent advances in astronomical technology, Peter is exploring the likely next stages in the evolution of amateur science.
Tim Napier-Munn Tim Napier-Munn Double Stars
Tim Napier-Munn is a mineral engineer with degrees from Imperial College, London and the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He has worked in England, South Africa and Australia, and currently holds an appointment as Emeritus Professor at the University of Queensland. He joined the AAQ in 2005, and was the founding Director of the AAQ’s Double Star Section. He served for five years on the AAQ Council, holding the positions of Treasurer and President among others, and is a member of the Association’s school nights team. His main astronomical interest is in the observation and measurement of double stars, on which he has published a number of papers and for which he was awarded the 2014 Berenice and Arthur Page Medal. He also enjoys stargazing in general.