2016 schedule

Fri 11:10-11:35
Theatre 106

Photometry and astrophysical modelling of the Eclipsing Binaries V0626 Sco and V0775 Cen

David Moriarty


Many of the eclipsing binary (EB) stars in the southern sky have not been studied in detail and indeed, some data available in catalogues provides incorrect information. An example is V0626 Scorpii (period 1.03 days), which has been catalogued as a detached EB with both components as being possible δ Scuti-type pulsators with spectral type A7. In fact, the secondary eclipse depth is only about half that of the primary, indicating that the temperature of the secondary is about 2000° lower than that of the primary component. The light curves during the complete eclipses indicate that the system is inclined at about 89° to our line of site. V0775 Centauri (period is 0.66 days) is an example of a EB that was catalogued as detached, but is probably in a near contact state; its smaller secondary component probably fills or slightly exceeds its inner Roche lobe. The primary components of both systems are probably F0 sub-giants; their evolution is being affected by mass transfer from the more evolved, but now less massive, secondary components.