NACAA XXVI Programme

Welcome to the programme for NACAA 2014. The Programme Committee thanks all of the many presenters for making it such an interesting and diverse event.

  Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Start Time Vienna Beijing New York Vienna New York Vienna Other Vienna Beijing
09:00   Welcome (Ken Le Marquand) &
Keynote Address: Mirroring Melbourne - Reflections on the Great Melbourne Telescope & Melbourne Observatory (Richard Gillespie)
BSM South
(Peter Nelson)
Clarke's Third Law and the NACAA web site
(Stephen Russell)
  TTSO8 Astronomy 3.0 - Citizen Science 
(Peter Lake)
09:30 Analysis of 22000 Crater Timing observations made over 170 years
(Dave Herald & Roger Sinnott)
Mount Burnett: An observatory for all the community
(James Murray)
10:00 Auxiliary Southern Double Star Catalogues
(Andrew James)
Establishing an observatory at a dark sky site (with Boss the Builder)
(David Moriarty)
10:30 Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea
11:00 It takes Two to Tango: the Intertwined Lives of Close Binary Stars
(Tom Richards)
Telescopes in Schools
(Jacinta den Besten)
Perdrix Address
(Barry Adcock)
TTSO8 Astronomy 3.0 - Citizen Science  
(Peter Lake)
11:30 Spotty Stars
(Donna Burton)
Project Exo Planet
(Chris Rudge et al)
12:00 Registration Desk Opens Pitfalls for Unwary Photometrists of the Understudied Southern Eclipsing Binaries
(David Moriarty)
What image intensifiers can and can't do
(Barry Clark)
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch  
13:00 Workshop on Occultation Timing Introduction to Spectroscopy Workshop
13:30 Pro-Am Collaborative Astronomy (PACA): The New Paradigm for Scientific Research
(Padma Yanamandra-Fisher)
Delta Scuti–type pulsating stars in eclipsing binary systems
(Margaret Streamer)
Lunar Occultations of Close Double Stars
(Brian Loader)
14:00 From light curves to light elements: New ephemerides for the Delta Scuti stars RS Gru and BS Aqr
(Roy Axelsen)
Observing Occultations Using Video: A Beginner’s Guide
(Jacquie Milner)
14:30 The Fossil of Saturn's Great Storm of 2010/2011
(Trevor Barry)
Wow Images of the Solar System
(John Wilkinson)
Variable Star Photometry with a DSLR Camera
(Mark Blackford)
Measuring Trans-Neptunian Objects with Backyard Telescopes
(Steve Kerr)
15:00 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
15:30 Workshop on Occultation Timing (continued) Introduction to Spectroscopy Workshop (continued) Visual Comet Observing
(Chris Wyatt)
Captain Henry Evans Baker: A Star, Nerd or Futurist
(Judith Bailey & Saeed Salimpour)
The Nucleosynthesis of all Elements by a Supernova
(Peter Norman)
Asteroid Occultations: Profiles, 3D models & Discoveries
(Dave Herald)
Excursion TTSO8
16:00 Infrared Photography of the Solar System
(Barry Adcock)
Tycho and Kepler in Prague
(Ian Sullivan)
The Life and Death of Stars - Part 2: Neutron Stars
(Wayne Roberts)
Grazing with Team Occultation 2012-2014
(Dave Gault)
16:30 Astrophotography of the Sun
(John Wilkinson)
How to Give Great Powerpoint Presentations
(Lesa Moore)
Leon Mow Radio Observatory
(Clint Jeffrey)
18:30 Welcome Function Convention Dinner &
After Dinner Speaker
(Andrew Prentice)
Farewell Function
Herbarium, Melbourne Botanical Gardens