2014 Programme Committee

The NACAA Programme Committee is responsible for the coordination of the technical content of the convention, and providing support to all presenters and contributors.

The 2014 Programme Committee consisted of the following members:

David O'Driscol David O'Driscolll (Chair) Variable Stars, Robotic Observing and Data Management
David is a variable star observer with a particular interest in eclipsing binary systems. He is a member of the Astronomical Association of Queensland, AAVSO and Variable Stars South. David uses robotic telescopes to follow his research interests. In addition to his study of variables, he has developed websites for these and other astronomical groups in order to make information about the field available to others. In particular, he manages the Target Information Database operated by VSS.
Barry Cleland

Barry Cleland History
Barry is a regular NACAA attendee, and has served on the ASV Council for many years. He is currently working with other ASV members to restore the Great Melbourne Telescope.

Roger Davis Roger Davis Instrumentation
Roger is a repairer of optical instruments, specialising in restoration of antique equipment. He started off as a telescope maker having made several mirrors and a few telescopes, preferring to see the glass polished more so than the telescope finished. He is a past president for the Astronomical Society of Victoria and is a member of the Antique Telescope Society.
Dave Gault Dave Gault Occultations
Dave is a keen telescope maker and occultation observer. To date, he’s made 5 mirrors and 2 telescopes, and observed hundreds of total lunar occultations, dozens of grazing occultations and asteroid occultations and two solar eclipses.
Melissa Hubert Melissa Hulbert Astroimaging
Melissa Hulbert is an Astronomy Educator at Sydney Observatory, part of the Powerhouse Museum. She also teaches astronomy courses at WEA and the St George and Sutherland Community College. Melissa has written course segments for Swinburne University’s Online Astronomy Course and currently instructs courses and supervises student projects. In the past she has worked as assistant editor on two science magazines. Melissa has been a member of Sutherland Astronomical Society for many years and coordinates the astro-imaging group. She enjoys nothing better than venturing out under dark starry skies with a few friends to capture the wonders of our cosmos.
Andrew James Andrew James Double Stars/Planetary Nebulae
Andrew is a long standing member of ASNSW and regular contributor to its journal. He has attended NACAA since the 1970s. Andrew is passionate about encouraging others to share his interest in observing double stars and planetary nebulae.
Ray Johnston Ray Johnston Outreach
Ray is a regular NACAA presenter and operated the Great Barrier Reef Observatory on Hamilton Island for 18 years. Ray and his wife now live in the Wide Bay area and they continue to travel to many parts of the world visiting observatories and recording indigenous sky stories. Ray has a keen interest in archeo and Aboriginal astronomy and is also an invited cruise lecturer with Cunard and Princess lines.
Alan Plummer, NACAA XXIV Programme Committee Alan Plummer Variable Stars
Alan is a variable star observer living with his family at Linden Observatory in NSW. Alan's affiliations include the Sydney City SkyWatchers, AAQ, AAVSO, and he is the Visual Research Coordinator for the VSS RASNZ. His allergies include right-angle finder scopes, go-to systems, and computer screens on the observing lawn.