2016 schedule

Mon 28th 09:00-17:00
Theatre 106

The 10th Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations - TTSO10

Stephen Kerr

RASNZ Occultation Section, AAQ

The RASNZ Occultation Section has promoted a series of symposia on occultation science alternately between Australia and New Zealand annually since 2007.  Continuing in this tradition, the Occultation Section is promoting the 10th Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations - TTSO10 - in conjunction with NACAA 2016 in Sydney.  With a programme including part of the main NACAA schedule, the symposium will include presentations by Australian and international speakers on occultation science, observation results, developing techniques for occultation observation, and the sharing of experiences and learnings.  There will be opportunity for informal networking and impromptu help and training.

Time Speaker Title
Sunday 27th March
3:30 PM Bruno Sicardy/ John Talbot / Steve Kerr Pluto Occultation 2015 - Amateur contributions to professional science
4:00 PM Dave Herald Recent Asteroidal Occultations Highlights from Across the World
4:30 PM David/Joan Dunham Venus Ashen Light Lunar Occultation - How dark is the dark side?
Monday 28th March
9:00 AM John Talbot / Steve Kerr Recent Asteroidal Occultations observed across Australia and New Zealand
9:30 AM Brian Loader (remote by MeetCheap) Lunar Occultation Observations and Results including double star events
10:00 AM Stephen Russell Update on turning your smart phone into a time source beeper box
10:15 AM Everyone Group Photo
11:00 AM Murray Forbes Measurements of wide double stars using your occultation gear
11:30 AM David/Joan Dunham and John Broughton How to carry out multi-station asteroidal occultations - what is a paver mount?
12:00 AM Dave Herald Memorable grazing lunar occultations
12:30 PM LUNCH
1:30 PM Everyone Occultation Q&A - Hosted by Steve Kerr
2:30 PM Steve Kerr Interesting Occultations over the next two years
3:30 PM Dave Herald Light Curve Archiving for Occultations
4:00 PM Steve Kerr RASNZ Occultation Section - What's Happening, where are we going?


Attendee requirements: 
Attendees are encouraged to bring laptops and general observing equipment to support any discussion or to gain help from other observers.