2016 schedule

Sat 26th 15:30-16:30
Theatre 101

Perdrix Address: 50 Years of NACAA

Brett McMillan

Sutherland Astronomical Society Inc

In 1965, a group of members from the James Cook Astronomers Club (now the Sutherland Astronomical Society Inc.) visited the Canberra Astronomical Society at what was then the premier astronomical observatory in Australia. During discussions, it was suggested that a national conference be organised to allow amateur astronomers to get together to discuss observations, observing techniques and other matters of mutual interest. The following year, in 1966, a preliminary conference was held in Katoomba and the first national convention, later given the name NACAA, was held in the following year.

This presentation traces the history of the setting up of the convention and changes that have happened in the 50 years since.