2010 Committee members and volunteers

Many people were involved in the running of NACAA XXIV.

Programme Committee:
Margaret Streamer (Chair), Col Bembrick, Dave Gault, Dave Herald, Melissa Hulbert, Ray Johnston, and Alan Plummer.

Local Organising Committee:
Albert Brakel (Convenor), Lucy Merlino (Webmaster), Shirley McKeown (Finance), Grant Coles, Andrew White, John Blank, John Morland, Kevin Flaherty, and Fay Neil.

National Secretariat:
Stephen Russell (General Secretary), Peter Lowe (Deputy General Secretary), Brett McMillan (Treasurer), Donna Burton (Communications Secretary), Peter Skilton (Archivist), Albert Brakel (2010 Convenor), and Glenn Dawes (2008 Convenor).

Volunteers, helpers, donors, and supporters:
Hristo Pavlov and the TTSO-4 team, Vince Ford, Kim Rawlings, Ross Gould, Brett McMillan, Dave Herald, Richard McDonald, Peter Lowe, and the many CAS volunteers.

And, of course, a very large thank you to our sponsors and financial donors.