2010 programme

Mon 08:30-16:00

Fourth Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations

Hristo Pavlov

Astronomical Society of New South Wales

The Fourth Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations (TTSO4) will be held as part of NACAA XXIV. It will feature a number of presentations focusing on observation results of lunar grazes and asteroidal occultations from the past year as well as updates on the new features in occultation software (including Occult). The high resolution lunar limb profile data now publically available from the Kaguya mission will also be discussed.
The speakers will include Dave Herald, Dave Gault, John Talbot, Jonathan Bradshaw, Hristo Pavlov and others.
Part of the symposium will be dedicated to a round table discussion where you can get answers to your occultation-related questions. Topics will include, but are not limited to, predicting events, planning observations, observing techniques, reducing data and reporting observations.
The TTSO4 papers and round table are expected to fill the 6 hours set aside for the Symposium. However there may still be a few time slots available for papers and so if you are interested in talking about some of your occultation experiences, please contact the convenor, Hristo Pavlov, as soon as possible.
The TTSO4 meeting is one which should not be missed by anyone with an interest in occultation work. Occultation timing is one of the fields of astronomy where amateurs can acquire results that are more precise than those professionals achieve with the biggest telescopes and the latest technology.
The Symposium is a great opportunity for people who haven't done occultation work before to learn more about the topic.
Laptops are not required for the activities at the TTSO4. However, if you have any particular questions in regards to running any software on your laptop, for example, then feel free to bring them along and ask the experts during the breaks or at the round table discussion.
TTSO4 Programme
8:30 Dave Herald: Opening Message
8:35 John Talbot: Recent Successful Asteroidal Occultations in our Region in the past Two Years.
9:15 Brian Loader: Lunar Occultations of Close Double Stars - Reporting, Processing and Publication
9:45 Morning Tea
10:15 Chris Wyatt: Hit & Miss!
10:35 Dave Gault: Graze Review and Archiving of Graze Data
10:55 Dave Herald: Kaguya
11:15 Hristo Pavlov: Tangra - a new light measurement tool
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Dave Herald: Star Catalog Comparison Tool in Occult
13:20 John Talbot: Home-built, Cheap 10 inch f4 Occultoscope
13:40 Jonathan Bradshaw: Breaking Down the Barriers
14:00 Hristo Pavlov/Dave Gault: Analog to Digital Video Conversion
14:30 Afternoon Working Tea
14:45 Round table
16:25 Hristo Pavlov: Closing Message
16:30 TTSO4 Close