Shown here is a list of sessions that are available. You may notice that, unlike previous NACAAs, there is no "full registration" option. There is so much happening here we thought selecting the parts of the conference you wish to attend is easier.

Friday sessions: choose ONE of the two events:
Variable Star South Symposium 6 $50
PixInsight Introduction workshop (max 25 registrants) $50
Saturday sessions. Does not include Dinner
Saturday all day (does not include workshop) $60
  - Saturday morning (does not include workshop) $45
  - Saturday afternoon (does not include workshop) $45
Occultation Observing Workshop (max 30 registrants). Includes keynote beforehand and the technical sessions following afternoon tea. $60
Sunday sessions. Does not include BBQ
Sunday all day (does NOT include workshop) $60
  - Sunday morning (does not include workshop) $45
  - Sunday afternoon (does not include workshop) $45
Contact Binaries workshop (max 30 registrants). $60
Monday sessions: choose ONE of the following events. Attendees at the PACA workshop are welcome to attend the afternoon sessions of TTSO14, but not the PixInsight workshop.
Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations 14 (all day) $50
PixInsight Advanced Topics workshop (all day, max 25 registrants). $50
PACA Project workshop (morning only, max 30 registrants). $45
Social functions
Welcome Function (Friday) $20
Convention Dinner (Saturday) $50
Farewell BBQ (Sunday) $50