Accommodation in Parkes

NACAA is not the only event running in Parkes over Easter 2020. There will also be a car rally which we've been told will attract around 300 attendees to the Parkes Showgrounds.

Parkes has around 1500 "bed spaces", including B&B's and caravan parks, which should be plenty for both events. At this stage, though, some popular booking engines are showing 60%+ occupancy for Parkes' motels. One booking site said there were only 4 rooms left at one motel, but after we booked 4 rooms, they still had 4 rooms left .... :-)

The Convenor has checked with the various venues in Parkes, and they have ample accommodation at this stage. They hold back rooms from the booking engines.

The LOC have booked a number of rooms at some motels, but these bookings can't be guaranteed past the end of 2019.

Our general advice is:

  • Check the preliminary programme to plan which days you might attend.
  • The venue for NACAA XXIX is the Parkes Services Club in Short Street, which is on the south side of the town. Pick your accommodation accordingly. If you will have your own car, please consider not picking a motel within walking distance. We may need those rooms for out-of-town attendees.
  • Consider sharing a room, apartment, or house with friends.
  • Book your accommodation directly with your chosen provider. Let them know it's a NACAA booking so that is recorded against any LOC reservations.
  • Pick a booking that doesn't require an up-front payment, or make sure that you can cancel your booking at no charge.
  • If you need accessible accommodation, there are two motels near the venue -- All Settlers Motor Inn and Henry Parkes Motor Inn -- that are suitable, and have direct access to the convention venue.

This far out, we don't know what the registration prices for the various NACAA events will be. The good news is that, at this early stage, we believe that prices will be lower than recent events.

Please use the following link for a map showing the locations for hotels and bnbs in Parkes. There are also houses and apartments available from Airbnb.

If you do find that you are unable to book accommodation, we really want to know. Please contact us and let us know so we can help you.

In summary, don't leave your booking to the last minute if you think you might attend. Book soon, but leave yourself the option of cancelling if you change your mind.

(Last updated 2019/10/05)