VSSS6 Call for Presentations, 2020

The Sixth Variable Stars South Symposium (VSSS6) will be held on Friday, April 10th, 2020 in Parkes NSW, just prior to the NACAA meeting. VSSS6 will have a single stream of presentations as well as a poster display.

The VSSS6 Programme Committee (David O’Driscoll and Mark Blackford) is now calling for presentations for the Friday sessions. Oral presentations are the main focus of our symposium, and we are inviting amateur and professional astronomers with an interest in variable stars to consider making a contribution, individually or as part of a group. Membership of Variable Stars South in not necessary, indeed we would welcome anyone with a shared interest in this fascinating field of study.

A poster display will also be available for those who prefer to present their work in that manner. Posters will be on display for the entire weekend so delegates to the NACAA conference and other satellite meetings have the opportunity to view them.

There is no particular theme for this symposium; presentations on any topic related to variable stars may be accepted, so long as the contribution is significant and interesting. These include, but are not limited to short and longer period pulsating stars, eclipsing binaries, cataclysmic variables, exoplanets, equipment, techniques, visual and electronic observing.

What are we looking for? An address on topics such as:

• an observational (or desk-bound) research programme you are involved in;
• an interesting development in instrumentation and tools: optical, spectroscopic, computational, imaging, electronic, etc.;
• your progress with a significant project or program;
• an entertaining address aimed at promoting the enjoyment of variable star astronomy;
• an interesting piece of variable star history.

The usual duration for presentations is 30 minutes. We may be able to accommodate shorter or longer presentations, but that will depend on the number of submissions we receive.

The deadline for proposals is January 31st, 2020. Late proposals may be accepted, depending on venue restrictions, scheduling, etc. But please submit your proposals as soon as possible. This will assist the VSSS6 Programme Committee, who are volunteers with limited available time. It will also help us with planning our resource requirements for the venue, etc.

If you are considering making a presentation, but are not sure what’s expected, whether your topic meets the theme, or any other issue, please contact the VSSS6 Programme Committee. One of us will get back to you to assist.

If you are considering making a presentation aimed at the general NACAA audience, please visit the NACAA Call for Presentations page.

Submission Form

The title of your presentation
Enter your name or names of the contributors.
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The preferred duration of your presentation (minutes)
What special requirements do you have? For example, internet access, flip-chart, slide projector, audio, must use your own computer, etc.
Please provide biographical information about the presenters. This can be changed later if necessary.