Preliminary programme

To help you plan your travel and accommodation, this is the current programme for NACAA 2024.

VSSS might commence Friday AM, and the occultation panel session may run on the Sunday. Plan accordingly.

Friday March 29

  • Variable Stars South Symposium (afternoon)
  • Welcome reception (evening)

Saturday March 30

  • Welcome to NACAA 2024 (9:00)
  • Keynote address by Anthony Wesley (9:10)
  • Mixed presentations (11:00 and 13:30)
  • Variable star panel session (11:00)
  • Occultation panel session (13:30? Could be Sunday)
  • Perdrix address by Col Bembrick (15:30)
  • AGM (16:30)
  • Conference Dinner (evening)

Sunday March 31

  • Mixed presentations (all day)
  • Contact Binary Stars workshop (all day)
  • Farewell BBQ at the Dish (evening)

Monday April 1

  • 18th Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations

The general Call for Presentations will occur in late September 2023. The Programme Committee looks forward to receiving your submissions.