2024 Programme Committee

The NACAA Programme Committee is responsible for the coordination of the content of the convention, and providing support to all its presenters and contributors.

Stephen Russell Stephen Russell (Chair)
Stephen has been attending NACAA since 1970. His involvement became more serious in 2006 when he volunteered to set up the NACAA Inc web site. Since then he has served as Communication Secretary, and three terms as General Secretary. This is his third attempt to organise the NACAA programme. His first attempt resulted in a global pandemic in 2020. The second time, thanks to lockdowns, resulted in a restricted event that was broadcast. Third time lucky? In his close to zero spare time, he is interested in occultation observing, solar eclipses, telescope making, and astronomical software.
Roy Axelsen Roy Axelsen
Roy is a retired pathologist with degrees from the University of Queensland. He developed an interest in astronomy through variable stars rather late in life, and joined the Astronomical Association of Queensland (AAQ) in 2003. He is Director of the AAQ’s Variable Stars Section, has served on the AAQ Council at various times in the roles of Councillor, Treasurer and General Secretary, and enjoys participating in AAQ school nights. He has published a number of papers, mostly on delta Scuti stars, for which he was awarded the 2016 Berenice and Arthur Page Medal. His current main interest is in short period eclipsing binary stars.
David O'Driscoll David O'Driscoll
David has particular interests in photometry, astrometry, spectroscopy and robotic telescopes. A member of the Astronomical Association of Queensland and Variable Stars South, David is trying to undertake a research program, but running conferences and managing astronomical websites seem to keep getting in the way. Combined with family and a demanding job, David has decided he has to learn to say "no" more often. Little progress on that aspiration so far.
Rodney Watters Rodney Watters
Having retired from the ICT industry a few years ago, Rodney now spends his time honing his astrophotography skills. Operating a private observatory and living in the Central West of NSW in a dark sky location is ideally suited for this purpose. An active member of the Astronomical Society of NSW (ASNSW), his main interests are deep space astrophotography, nightscape photography and visual observing. He has several astrophotography awards to his name and recently had a number of his widefield Milky Way images included as part of the “Mulaa Giilang: Wiradjuri Stories of the Night Sky” exhibition at the Orange Regional Museum.