2022 events

Sat 23rd 11:45-12:30

Five Total Solar Eclipses coming to Australia

Terry Cuttle

Astronomical Association of Queensland

This presentation will discuss the unique occurrence of the five total solar eclipses that will occur across Australia in the coming period of just 18 years. A Total Solar Eclipse is arguably nature’s most astounding spectacle which everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, and all Australians will have excellent opportunities to do that with these eclipses.

The presentation will cover each of the five eclipses, and describe their paths across the country and circumstances (time and duration) at key towns and localities, as well as access to observing locations and weather prospects.

There will be particular focus on the first two of these eclipses: the April 2023 Western Australia eclipse, and the “big one:” the July 2028 eclipse right across the country from Western Australia’s Kimberley region through to Sydney.

These dramatic events will also present a unique opportunity for school and public education to stimulate interest in science and astronomy.

Photography of solar eclipses and safe solar observing will also be covered.