2020 events

Mon 13th 09:00-12:30

The PACA Project: Ecology of Citizen Science in Astronomy

Padma A. Yanamandra-Fisher

Space Science Institute, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

This half-day workshop will introduce the ecology of the PACA Project -- pro-am collaborative astronomy campaigns -- and present the current scenario of conflation of scientific research with amateur astronomy, social media, and traditional fields of outreach. With the inclusion of amateur astronomers, educators, students, outreach coordinators, and adaption of various social media platforms and components of citizen science, four phases for successful collaborations have been identified:

  1. Identification of a scientific knowledge gap
  2. Integration of the pro-am communities and tech
  3. Embrace new technologies, and
  4. Stay in the limelight with results of the campaign.

Examples of the synergy of successful PACA campaigns will be showcased, as applied to outer planets, comets, total solar eclipses; and various observing modes suitable for global network of small apertures. By the end of the workshop, potential new pro-am campaigns will be identified and include the audience participation to short list the next few citizen science programs.

Attendee requirements: 
Interested amateur astronomers - laptops would be helpful.