Call for poster presentations 2020

Poster presentations are an important part of NACAA's content. They provide an opportunity for people who do not want to present a talk to share their work with other attendees, receive feedback, and answer questions.

When completing the form, please provide an estimate of the size of your poster, so we can ensure we have sufficient display boards.

The NACAA programme includes a chance for poster authors to present a 5-minute (or less) talk. You can opt out of this by choosing "No" below.

And in this day of multimedia presentations, please add a note if you are thinking of presenting a slide show, animation, or video sequence. Audio content will be turned down to less than 2dBA.

The deadline for submissions is March 15th 2020.

Submission Form

The title of your presentation
Enter your name or names of the contributors.
Please provide a short description of the theme for your poster.
What is the approximate size of your poster?
What special requirements do you have? For example, internet access, flip-chart, slide projector, audio, must use your own computer, etc.
Please provide biographical information about the presenters. This can be changed later if necessary.
Are you happy to give a quick (< 5-minute) talk about your poster on the Saturday afternoon?