NACAA XXIX, Parkes 2020: The Non-Event

Due to the unprecedented situation with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the NACAA Inc Committee decided reluctantly, with due consideration to the safety of all concerned, to cancel the 2020 NACAA in Parkes, just one month short of the event. This was a difficult decision to make, given the enormous amount of work that had already been done. As it turned out, all of our venues were in lock-down by Easter 2020, so no physical event could have occurred. There was no time available to organise a virtual event.

For those who are interested in what we missed out on, please look at the programme pages. It would have been a great convention.

So what is going to happen in the future for Parkes and NACAA??

Some good news!!

The CWAS LOC is considering nominating for the 2024 event so those people who wanted to visit "The Dish", the Astronomical Trail, the wonderful countryside, and to enjoy the myriad of lectures, symposia, workshops, and poster papers may still be able to do so during the 2024 Easter break.

With the cancellation of NACAA XXIX, the Secretariat would like to thank all those involved with the organisation of the Parkes convention and look forward to hopefully seeing everyone in Parkes in 2024.