2012 programme

Sun 8th 15:30-16:30

Introducing ADVS (Astronomical-Digital-Video-System)

Tony Barry, Dave Gault, Hristo Pavlov

WSAAG, IOTA, Tangra Observatory, Kuriwa Observatory

The use of time stamped video in the observation of transient events (occultations and fast passes of NEAs) has become the norm. Unfortunately, interlaced video suffers from high noise, poor bit depth, and unnecessarily large digital file sizes. Digital Recorders offer only lossy compression, and the time stamp occupies part of the field of view.
The developers of IOTA-VTI and Tangra have collaborated together to develop a new video-GPS-recorder system which is progressive scan digital from the CCD chip onwards, has one-and-a-half times the bit depth of video, uses GPS synchronised time stamps into the frame header, runs on 12V batteries, requires no laptop for in-field use, and costs less than a second hand LX90 (including the camera). The data is recorded losslessly to hard drive, and the timestamps and metadata are not visible in the field of view. This system makes 12bit differential photometry with millisecond frame accuracy a reality.
We discuss the design, development, and production of ADVS in this Oral Presentation