2012 programme

Sun 8th 09:00-09:45

Fire in the Sky

Ray Johnston and Rick Stevenson


The Northern Lights can appear abruptly, filling the sky at an incredible speed with great arcs as ghostly wisps in green, yellow, red and violet dance above the horizon and just as suddenly, they are gone. A group of Aussie enthusiasts, led by the irrepressible Prof Fred Watson AM, chased these ethereal lights by dog sled, reindeer sleigh, snowshoe, snowmobile, super jeep, plane, train, bus and boat across the frozen landscapes of Norway, Sweden and Iceland. They dodged vicious Vikings, ferocious Trolls and explosive volcanoes and still had time to engage in Arctic astronomy, view Tycho Brahe’s extraordinary underground observatory, the Esrange Space Centre and the great Kvistaberg and Onsala Observatories