Preliminary meeting, Katoomba, Easter 1966

The idea of holding a national amateur astronomy convention arose after members of the Canberra Astronomical Society and the James Cook Astronomers Club visited Mount Stromlo Observatory in October 1965.

It was decided after the tour to hold a National Convention in Canberra in 1967. They also decided to hold a planning meeting in Katoomba over Easter 1966.

The attached image is a copy of the letter written by Joseph Kowalski (CAS) and Elaine Polgase (JCAC) to the Pacific Astronomical Society to seek their support.

The meeting in Katoomba agreed to proceed with the first convention in Canberra. However, it was run by the JCAC and the PAS.

Steve Russell, May 2014.

Image icon The letter that started NACAA1 MB