2020 events

Sat 12:00-12:30
Sunset Room

The X-factor in exoplanet research

Edwin Budding

Carter Observatory, VUW and UoC, New Zealand

In recent years there has been burgeoning interest in searching out Sagan's "little blue dot" -- the twin to Earth, that will somehow advance our approach to the deeper issue "Are we alone?" These matters undoubtedly add an "X-factor" to exoplanet studies and research.

Moreover, it is a subject that seems to beckon at many levels, from 'citizen science' data-mining to highly-advanced space-borne missions.

The talk will review one small group's efforts that have points of contact with both these levels of approach. The experience we describe has much in common with more familiar (more prosaic) topics in variable star research. Does this experience still touch on the "X-factor?" You will be the judge!