2020 events

Sun 15:30-16:00
Sunset Room

Pathway to the Stars: adding a new layer to WA’s regional Tourism Industry

Carol Redford

Astrotourism WA

There are two billion people on planet Earth who can no longer see the Milky Way in their night sky. In a world where artificial light pollution is increasing by 2% every year, Western Australia is in a prime position to capitalise on its world-class dark night sky and add a new layer of economy into the regional Tourism Industry.

WA Local Governments are working with Astrotourism WA to develop a stargazing trail across the Wheatbelt and Mid West regions where the State can share its dark night sky with international visitors from light polluted areas around the world. At the same time, we're working together to protect our dark night sky by reducing light pollution and safeguard a valuable tourism asset for decades to come.

With added advantages of a regional space industry gaining in momentum and the global media spotlight that will be generated by the 2023 Ningaloo Eclipse, Western Australia will consolidate itself as a premier destination for stargazing and astronomy.

Carol Redford from Astrotourism WA will explain what the State is aiming to achieve and how they are going about it.