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Sun 16:00-16:30
Starlight Room

The review of the Asteroid Occultation Archive

Dave Gault and Dave Herald

RASNZ Occultation Section

The Asteroid Occultation Archive is probably the most comprehensive record of mankind’s attempt to set the scale of the solar system's family of asteroids, planets and planetary satellites, by direct measurements (not inferred by indirect assumptions). It is the work of thousands of individual observers, mostly dedicated amateur (unpaid) astronomers, and an equally dedicated team of prediction specialists and analysis specialist. It is intended to include all reported timings of observed asteroid, planet, and planetary satellite occultation events made by observers from around the world. Included are the results of over 4000 asteroid occultation data-sets, including hundreds of multi-chord observations

We have recently reviewed the entire archive to remove errors, tag false positives, and ensure consistency of data over the duration of the observations. We have incorporated modern observing techniques, and wherever possible fitted Light Curve Inversion 3D models to the occultation data, thereby producing volume-equivalent diameters.

The archive is maintained by Dave Herald's Occult, and is uploaded annually to the NASA PDS.