2020 events

Sun 09:00-17:00
Boulevarde Room

Photometric Analysis of Contact Binary Stars

Surjit (Serge) Wadhwa


This hands-on workshop will explain how to perform photometric analysis of contact binary stars.

Study of contact binary stars offer a unique window into stellar evolution and analysis of their light curves offers a very real avenue for amateurs to contribute to real science. This workshop along with the presentation in the general programme will highlight how this is within reach of amateurs, even those living in cities and without any observing equipment.

The key topics to be discussed include:

  • Selecting binary star candidates suitable for photometric analysis.
  • Basic review of light curve analysis.
  • Analysis techniques within reach of most amateurs (even without observing equipment).
  • Step by step analysis of a number of previously published light curves to illustrate how the process works.
  • If time permits, an analysis of previously unpublished data.
Attendee requirements: 
Computer running Windows 7 or above. Registrants will be emailed instructions regarding downloading and installing some software prior to the workshop.