Call for Round Tables, Panel Sessions, Workshops, and Symposia

NACAA 2020 will be held in Parkes NSW over the 2020 Easter weekend, April 10-13. We plan to have a very full long weekend, Friday to Monday, with various streams of presentations covering a wide range of topics such as observing, instrumentation, imaging, education, research, history, outreach, and more.

The theme for this NACAA is "Astronomy and the Citizen."

We are currently seeking proposals to present Round Tables, Panel Sessions, Workshops, and/or Symposia to run during, or alongside, NACAA 2020.

  • Round Tables are an opportunity for a small group to sit around a table and discuss their specific interests. They could run for 30, 60, or 90 minutes.
  • Panel Sessions have a group of speakers discussing a topic of more general interest, and offer an opportunity for interaction with a larger audience. They would typically run for one 90-minute session.
  • Workshops are "hands-on". One or two presenters would pass on their expertise over one or more sessions.
  • Symposia are mini-conferences on a specific theme. They usually run for one or more days, before or after the main event.

The deadline for proposals is 15th May 2019. Late proposals may be accepted, depending on venue restrictions, scheduling, etc. But please submit your proposals as soon as possible. This will assist the Programme Committee, who are all volunteers with limited time available. It will also help us with planning our room and equipment requirements for the venue, catering, etc.

If you are considering making a proposal, but are not sure what’s expected, whether your topic meets the theme, or any other issue, please contact the Programme Committee. A member of the PC will get back to you to assist.

We will be calling for general oral presentations and poster papers later in the year.

Submission Form

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