Call for Presentations, 2020

The 29th NACAA will be held in Parkes NSW over the 2020 Easter weekend, April 10-13. The Programme Committee is busy planning a very full long weekend, with multiple streams of activities. We have already scheduled a number of symposia, workshops, and other events over the weekend. Please look at the preliminary programme for more details.

The Programme Committee is now looking for presentations for the Saturday and Sunday technical sessions. The core of the convention is its presentations, and we are inviting everyone and anyone to consider making a contribution, by yourself or in a group.

The theme for this NACAA is "Astronomy and the Citizen." Presentations on other themes and topics may be accepted, so long as the contribution is significant and interesting.

What are we looking for? An address on topics such as:

• an observational (or desk-bound) research programme you are involved in;
• a interesting development in instrumentation and tools: optical, computational, imaging, electronic, etc;
• your progress with a significant project or programme, national or worldwide;
• sharing your imaging successes with an appreciative audience;
• an entertaining address aimed at promoting the enjoyment of astronomy;
• a significant club or local activity; or
• an interesting piece of astronomical history.

The usual duration for presentations is 30 minutes. Longer presentations are difficult to schedule given that we expect to have parallel streams, but you are invited to try and convince us that your presentation is worthy of extra time.

The deadline for proposals is December 15, 2019. Late proposals may be accepted, depending on venue restrictions, scheduling, etc. But please submit your proposals as soon as possible. This will assist the PC, who are all volunteers with limited available time. It will also help us with planning our resource requirements for the venue, etc.

If you are considering making a presentation, but are not sure what’s expected, whether your topic meets the theme, or any other issue, please contact the Programme Committee. A member of the PC will get back to you to assist.

For those who of you who don't want to talk to a large audience, please consider making a poster or short video of your presentation. There will be a call for these presentations in a few months.

There will also be calls for presentations for the VSS and TTSO symposia later in the year from their convenors.

Submission Form

The title of your presentation
Enter your name or names of the contributors.
Oral presentation
The preferred duration of your presentation (minutes)
Which days would you prefer for your presentation?
What special requirements do you have? For example, internet access, flip-chart, slide projector, audio, must use your own computer, etc.
Please provide biographical information about the presenters. This can be changed later if necessary.