Call for presentations 2018

NACAA aims to bring together amateur (and not-so-amateur) astronomers from Australia, New Zealand, and beyond to share in learning, disseminating and planning cutting-edge astronomical work in the region. We always plan to have a full weekend, Friday to Monday, of various streams of presentations covering a great width of astronomical work including observing, instrumentation, imaging, education, research, history, and local activities.

The core of the convention is of course its presentations, and we are asking you to consider making a contribution, by yourself or in a group. There are no restrictions on topics or themes, so long as the contribution is significant and interesting. Guidelines and suggestions can be found here.

Proposals for presentations should be made before the following dates:

  • 15 October 2017 for workshops, colloquia, or symposia
  • 15 November 2017 for oral presentations or round-tables
  • 1 February 2018 for posters

Late proposals may be accepted, depending on venue restrictions, scheduling, etc. But please submit your proposals well before the deadline. This will assist the Programme Committee, who are all volunteers with limited time available. It will also help us with planning our room and equipment requirements for the venue, etc.

If you are considering making a presentation, but are not sure of what’s expected, how to prepare, whether the topic is suitable, or any other issue, please contact the Programme Committee. A member of the PC will get back to you to assist.

Submission Form

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Your preferred type of presentation. Don't forget to fill in the appropriate section below.
What special requirements do you have? For example, internet access, flip-chart, slide projector, audio, must use your own computer, etc.
Please provide biographical information about the presenters. This can be changed later if necessary.