Nominations for the Page Medal are open

Nominations are now open for the 2018 Berenice and Arthur Page Medal awarded for excellence in amateur astronomy.

The prize is awarded every two years by the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) for scientific contributions by an amateur astronomer that have served to advance astronomy.

The winner of the Medal is announced during the National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers (NACAA), which will be held in Ballarat from 30 March 2018. The winner will be presented with the Medal along with one year’s free membership to the ASA.

**** The closing date for nominations is 30 November 2017. ****

Nominations are strongly encouraged, including self-nominations. However, please be aware that the award is specifically for scientific contributions that have served to advance astronomy. While it is appreciated that the amateur astronomical community benefits greatly from members’ organisational services, their popularisation of astronomy, and their proficiency in established astronomical techniques, these qualities are not applicable to the award’s criteria.

Nominations must include:

  • a detailed description of the candidate’s achievements, outlining as succinctly as possible the scientific results that the candidate has produced and the impact this has had on astronomy.
  • a covering letter giving the candidate’s full name, address and a brief summary of their association with astronomy and particular research interests.
  • supporting material such as copies of papers, articles or books written by the candidate that substantiate their nomination.

Nominations should be sent to Dr Tanya Hill, ASA Prizes and Awards Coordinator. Email nominations are preferable and should be sent to thill at

This information, the Conditions and Guidelines for the award, and a list of past winners is available on the ASA website at

Dr Tanya Hill
ASA Prizes and Awards Coordinator
Planetarium Manager | Senior Curator, Astronomy
Melbourne Planetarium, Scienceworks