2018 schedule

Sat 15:30-16:30
Mercure Conservatory

Perdrix Address - NACAA Past, NACAA Recent, and NACAA Future

Stephen Russell


I've been involved with NACAA since I attended my first event in Wollongong in 1970. In this talk, I would like to reflect on two phases of NACAA's history: the early years where attempts to create a national body failed, and the formation of NACAA Inc more recently.

I believe that the INC phase of NACAA has been a success, thanks to the hard work of several people. It hasn't all been plain sailing, though. Some things didn't go at all as I expected, mostly due to my own naivety. There are lots of war stories that I could talk about, but I'll concentrate on the incidents that have taught me a lesson or two.

Finally I would like to present how I hope that the future INCs can avoid the mistakes that I made, and provide advice on the challenges that I think NACAA faces in the future.

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