2016 schedule

Sat 14:00-14:30
Theatre 106

The future of lighting is better if it's dim

Mike Chapman

Sydney Outdoor Lighting Improvement Society

Humans have created an environment illuminated by non-solar light. The need for illumination has come about from various needs and the resultant levels of illumination have often attempted to parallel the levels achieved during daylight. In recent times, Standards and Regulations developed to guide lighting design for particular situations are seen to be insufficient in prescriptive detail. The recent changes in lighting technologies suggest that there is a need to reassess how humans interact with an environment lit by non-daylight methods. As population centres continue to grow, the spread of light at night is not moderated and the only possible trend is for an increase in the use of light at night. The issues surrounding light pollution can only be exacerbated. The only solution to reducing potential light pollution aside from legislative control is to develop new ways of using light to satisfy current usage applications. Ideas for supplanting existing lighting applications with new technologies will be examined using a combination of ideas in lighting preferences, technical innovations and identifying specific primary causes of light pollution.