2016 schedule

Sun 14:30-15:00
Theatre 106

The career path of a teenage asteroid hunter

Peter Lake


An entry-level to advanced-level look at the process of finding and tracking asteroids, how it's done and why it's important. Covering the image capture methods, blinking and stacking techniques, from beginner to advanced methods and working closely with the Minor Planet Center. Peter Lake navigates the pathway for an aspiring Asteroid hunter from basic citizen-science activities like Asteroid Zoo, Nasa’s Asteroid Data Hunter, the IASC program and the University of Arizona’s Target Asteroids program to advanced techniques using Astrometrica. The session culminates with the speaker’s own recent observations of Near Earth Objects during the past 12 months including Asteroid 2015 TB145, a 460m, which was discovered by Panstarrs Survey only three weeks before a very close approach at 1.3 Lunar distances in October 2015.