2016 schedule

Sat 13:30-14:00
Theatre 101

SASER and the 2015 Gamma 2 Velorum campaign

Jonathan Powles

VSS, SASER, Canberra Astronomical Society, University of Canberra

The Southern Astronomical Spectroscopy Email Ring (SASER) is a small group of spectroscopists from Australia, New Zealand and South America active in pro-am campaigns conducting research projects, led by professionals, into bright spectroscopic targets in the Southern skies. Recent campaigns include the 2014 Eta Carinae periastron, Zeta Puppis, and Gamma 2 Velorum. The latter is a massive binary pair consisting of a Wolf-Rayet star and O-type companion. The recent observation campaign, led my Anthony Moffat and Noel Richardson from the University of Montreal, sought to examine the detailed structure of clumping in the radiation-driven stellar winds of the system, and the interaction of these winds as the stars approached periastron. The observations involved ground-based spectroscopy coupled with BRITE satellite photometry. This presentation will report on the progress of the campaign, from the perspective of the amateur spectroscopists involved, as well as some of the preliminary findings.