2016 schedule

Sat 11:00-11:30
Theatre 101

Observing Betelgeuse in the near IR

Jonathan Powles (for Carl Knight)

Variable Stars South

Betelgeuse is a highly-evolved red supergiant with multiple modes of pulsation and variability in V. With a surface temperature around 3000 K, its peak emission lies in the near infra-red (IR). Some features, such as its large convective cells, are only visible in near IR. It is a candidate for the next type II supernova in our neighbourhood. It has attracted considerable professional interest but, with a V magnitude less than 0.5, J magnitude less than -2.99 and H less than -3.99, it is much too bright for professional observatories. In this presentation, the case is made for amateur photometric observations, particularly in the J and H near IR bands.