2014 programme

Fri 13:00-17:00

Introduction to Spectroscopy Workshop

Ken Harrison


Spectroscopy is becoming more accessible to the amateur astronomy community, and it is key to supporting many areas of research.

This workshop is designed for anybody who has an interest in spectroscopy. It will be most useful to those who are interested or new to the field, but we hope that it will also attract experienced spectroscopers who can share their experiences.

- What is spectroscopy and how do spectroscopes work?
- Examples and explanation of various amateur types - gratings/ DV/ Slit spectroscopes
- Fitting spectroscopes to telescopes/ cameras.
- Which cameras to use?

Practical Spectroscopy
- Objects vs spectroscope vs telescope
- What can be observed - examples
- Basic Processing of the spectral image to profile
- Amateur Groups & Forums to support spectroscopy