Committee members and volunteers

Many people were involved in the running of NACAA XXIII.

Local Organising Committee:
Glenn Dawes (Convenor), Brett McMillan (Finance), Stephen Russell (Webmaster), Brett Parker (Logistics), Gerry Aarts (Local events).

Programme Committee:
Dr Tom Richards (Chair), Barry Adcock, Col Bembrick, Dave Herald, Ray Johnston, Peter Williams.

National Secretariat:
Peter Lowe (General Secretary), Joe Grida (Deputy General Secretary), Brett McMillan (Treasurer), Stephen Russell (Communications Secretary), Martin George (Archivist), Glenn Dawes (2008 Convenor), Peter Skilton (2006 Convenor).

Volunteers, helpers, donors, and supporters:
Dave Gault and the TTSO 2 team, Chris Douglass, Lou Pagano, Alex Boyd, Peter Lowe, Matthew Russell, Dr Fred Watson, ASNSW, SASI.

And, of course, a very large thank you to our sponsors and financial donors.